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The British Malaysian Society was founded in the early 1980s as a bilateral friendship organisation. It seeks to nurture and maintain an array of contacts and valuable friendships that have been forged between Britons and Malaysians whilst living and doing business in both countries.

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The British Malaysian Society is an inclusive organisation. Whether your connection with Malaysia is through business, education or simply living there and visiting, you are most welcome to join us. You will then have the opportunity to come to any event on our current and future programme and meet like-minded people at functions designed to keep you up to date with Malaysian current affairs.

For members wanting more from their membership there is the opportunity to get involved with the Society’s operation and its Management Committees. To produce the high calibre events and projects seen over the past few years the assistance of its existing members is invaluable.
For more information email The Secretary:
[email protected]
Day-to-day business of the Society is conducted through the Executive Committee, largely populated by full time professionals, which develops and drives forward events and projects aimed at strengthening links between the two countries and enhancing the value of membership.
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